Let Us Help

 Your loved one has just passed.  It is the worst time in your life.  What you need is peace, but instead family members are asking whether you have set up the estate yet.  Friends are telling you that you must go to probate court.  You are pondering the difference between estate and probate when your neighbor chimes in that you need to pay inheritance taxes.  Every day you receive a threatening notice from a credit card company demanding payment of your loved one’s debt. And you are wondering what to do about the fact that your loved one’s name is still on the title to the car and the deed to the house.

Now is the time to let us help.  We emphasize understanding first and foremost.  The legal terms and logistics following someone’s death are widely misunderstood.  The use of “legalese” does not make it any easier.  We take the time to explain, in a straightforward way, the legal process involved after death.  Once the process is fully understood, we will identify the simplest and most cost effective way to get you through it.  The route chosen may involve our handling all the details or simply providing timely guidance.  Either way, we hope to relieve your burden at a time when additional burden is the last thing you need.